Contribution to the learning of others

Fotobabble of my community of learning.

What a FUN semester! I absolutely loved this class and I put a lot of effort into it. I enjoyed reading my peers posts and I was especially drawn to one of Gledi’s earlier posts where he talked about learning to do a muscle up. I appreciated his vulnerability and I let him know.

Gledi’s blog

I really enjoyed the class Discord group chat and I interacted a lot using this platform. I used Discord to post ideas I came across that other teachers are doing in their classrooms. I really liked the glass analogy and I wanted my peers to know about this too!

A conversation began with an article Jeron Kletzel posted regarding a student refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Some good group discussion happened and my comment included additional insight, citing what a football celebrity has done. Find my comment below.

Conversation on Discord, my response

Taylor’s blog was fun to read, watching her learn Italian! We are both new to RSS readers and spelling mistakes easily happen when we are not familiar with platforms!

I enjoyed posing a thoughtful question on Discord regarding the below meme I had come across.

The article Debunking Education Memes, Part One provided an alternative way of viewing this meme that I had not considered before. I wanted to know what my peers thought. Some fun comments followed.

In one of Janet’s blog posts she posted her desire to learn how to play the guitar. I loved this because I too have attempted to learn to play the guitar and I gave her the YouTube link to a fun strumming technique I had learned called the strum slap.

Me responding to Janet’s blog post.

Mingyeong’s blog was also fun to interact with because she choose to learn how to use polygel nails, which I have never attempted. This is certainly a skill that requires time, practice, and patience. I hope my encouragement helped her along her journey! I really enjoyed the title of her post: ‘First Try Never Goes Well’. I thought she was being too hard on herself!

The National Post released an article called: “Opinion: We’re failing our children- socially, mentally and physically- by keeping them out of school”. This came up for discussion in Discord and I gave a thoughtful reply in which I quoted directly from the article.

My response to the article.

In Rosalie’s blog I responded to her blog post in which she reflected on Twitter and Blogging.

My comments to Rosalie.

The Questions and Answers section within Discord was very helpful to both me and my peers. There were no dumb questions and I enjoyed reading them because I learned from the questions and I even knew a few answers, such as the one below:

Sometimes I had questions!

Brandy Mogg’s blog was fun because she took her readers through iMovie, step by step and I have not used this before. I have used other movie editors such as DaVinci Resolve though so I enjoyed reading how they were different.

My response to Brandy’s blog post.

Ashley Peterman also choose to learn to use iMovie and she gave gave detailed instructions on how to use it and I really appreciated this so I let her know.

In Gabby Hillis’ blog, she shared her desire to learn ASL and I love this because I think it is very practical. I think as teachers we will come across students that use this form of communication. Gabby also included her blog about her using Screencastify, which I appreciated because I was not familiar with this.

My response to Gabby.

Amberlee Dayman posted an article from The New York Times regarding the effect the pandemic has had on learning loss. This was interesting to me although it left me with more questions than answers!

Discussion on Discord regarding the impact Covid-19 has had on learning loss: should this be measured?

In Sarah Breti’s blog I read about her experience cyber sleuthing one of her peers. I appreciated Sarah’s reflection on Madison Holleran, although a difficult read, it is a reminder that online we are usually comparing our worst to other people’s best. Tragically, this ultimately cost Holleran her life.

My response to Sarah’s blog post regarding cyber sleuthing.

I responded again to another of Sarah’s blog posts. She was very honest and forthright about making mistakes during her learning project. It certainly was not a smooth and flawless journey!

Amberlee Dayman’s blog post regarding cyber sleuthing also caught my attention because of the title she gave it! She called it “Cybersleuth or Cyber Stocking”! Now whose interest is not piqued with a title like that!? There were a few spelling errors that made her post slightly tricky to understand. I did mention this in my comment to her although I did not want to offend her. I would want somebody to let me know so I decided to despite my hesitancy.

I like that in our Discord community we had a way to share resources and one resource that I have used a lot that nobody knew about is Morguefile. This website provides high quality pictures that do not require attribution. I shared this resource on Discord.

I was a volunteer note taker in each class to help another student, which also contributed to class network learning. All my notes can be found here.

Learning to use Twitter was really fun! I had no idea this could be such a valuable resource tool. Ashley Peterman posted an excellent article regarding creativity in the classroom and I support that! Without Twitter, I would not have come across this article. Thank you @ashleypeterman_!

The first thing I needed to learn was how to use a RSS reader and what it was. I choose Feedly, although there are others. One of my favourite finds from Feedly that I tweeted about was music in the classroom. I am excited to use this idea someday! Another favourite resource I think all teachers need to be aware of is using games and activities.

Something new to me that I didn’t know Twitter offered was that someone can upload a project they are working on. Hailie P. gives an excellent example of how she was learning to code through playing Crossy Road, as uploaded to YouTube, shared via Twitter.

I really enjoyed the supportive community our class enjoyed on Twitter. Every day I saw encouraging comments such as these below:

Dozens of examples of the excellent giving and taking of ideas on my Twitter feed.

The last thing I want to comment on regarding my involvement with the learning of my peers is when we got to participate in the #SaskEdChat on Twitter. This was my first live chat and it was so interesting. There were many participants therefore the feed went very quickly and it was slightly overwhelming but I was still able to make a few comments and participate.

Thanks for a great semester! I hope you learned as much as I did!

One thought on “Contribution to the learning of others

  1. Hello Jana, you wrapped every thing very well , I like the idea of linking peers blogs which was interesting to me, we have learned lots of innovative tools this semester, thanks for sharing, hope to see you soon


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