About me

As a mature student, wife, and mother of four, I have landed myself on the Dean’s list for several semesters at the University of Regina, of which I graduate in spring 2022 with an Arts Education degree, concentration in music. I have completed my grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music with honours in piano. I love to read, camp, hike, eat, spend time with my family, bbq, and bake (but not cook!). I look forward to traveling someday. I think I’d like to explore someplace warm, like this:

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

I spent my “career time” supporting my husband in developing his career while I cared for our little people. While he worked in the mining sector, our family was privileged to move throughout western Canada where we had wild adventures in the mountains, enjoyed sunsets in the prairies, enjoyed National Parks in their off seasons, and experienced most of our vacation time travelling to visit our parents and extended family (in not so warm places!).

I am excited to teach because I simply love teaching! I have had two solid decades of teaching little people lessons of self-control, love, kindness, the value of a job well done, how to handle disappointments and ‘failures’ (is there such thing?), how to get along with people (especially when we don’t want to!), that to listen is more important than to talk, time management, organization, to use social media carefully, that respect is earned and not deserved, and that ‘work hard, play hard’ carries real meaning. I have been able to successfully teach these lessons (among others) consistently and without judgement. I cannot take responsibility for their lack of cooking though!

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