Random things I like

“Rock Snake” West Regina

When I was out for a walk with my family, this “Rock Snake” had been created and invited others to join in. I love the idea so much: I would like to incorporate the idea into my future classroom somehow.

I am very interested in recycling and there is nothing I hate more than waste. This video is an interesting way that H&M is thinking of combatting the overabundance of clothing. It is not really feasible though because it takes 3 days to recycle one shirt! The bottom line though is really MONEY. Until there is less demand, corporations will continue their supply. I took an economics class in university and that is really how money works: supply and demand, hoping to find that ‘sweet spot’ (called equilibrium) where they balance. Therefore, the resolve to this is actually completely in the consumers hands.

This is a beautiful and fun art idea found on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/SimpleThePage/videos/543694803427191