The Reveal!

Right off the bat I want to point out a few things I have learned while refinishing my wood dresser. The very first thing you need to know is that stripping the old layer of paint or stain off is NOT as easy as this Tik Tok portrays, or if it is, I certainly have done things very, very wrong. I also used the CitriStrip, as seen in the Tik Tok, but in my experience, it took a lot more effort than just running the tool up, removing the layer as you moved along.


In the process of stripping a whole vintage dresser. Trying to bleach the whole thing. #diy #citristrip #vintagedresser #workinprogress

♬ Work – Sonny Digital

The second thing you need to know is that when you see things like this: “bought for $50, made $525”, they probably worked for less than minimum wage completing the project.

And lastly, you need to know: DO NOT do this. Please do not line dresser drawers with wallpaper because it SUCKS to remove it when that design is no longer trendy.

Let me demonstrate:

Ok, now that we have that straight, let’s talk about what did go right! The finished dresser ended up with five coats of the Tung Oil. Each coat made it more and more shiny, it is really pretty. A top protective layer is unnecessary. Check out that bling hardware! What 13-year old doesn’t want that!?

Left= before, Right= after

This last picture is what the wood dresser looks like in my daughter’s bedroom. We just happened to replace her flooring with hard wood and I think the wood on wood equals absolute perfection! Oh so pretty. Now she is begging me to paint. She is claiming she has outgrown the ‘baby’ purple. Oh, painting is another job where I earn less than minimum wage! OFF for another adventure…………

2 thoughts on “The Reveal!

  1. I honestly couldn’t wait to see your final reveal! IT LOOKS STUNNING! Your hard work and dedication has really paid off here! The dresser looks brand new. I absolutely adore it! I recently re-did a desk for my office and now I just want to find a dresser so I can make it look like yours! I loved following along on your learning project journey! Each week I was excited to see the progress you made and if i’m being honest i’m sad that it is over already but sooo excited with what you accomplished and how your final project turned out! Congrats, well done and best of luck in your future! You’ll do amazing things!


  2. Jana, I have been waiting to see the final reveal and it looks awesome! I may come back to check out your blog if I ever need to refurnish a dresser, seriously great work! The sparkly drawer pulls are perfect, I’m sure your daughter loves it. I am always asking my dad to redo and repaint my room, finally just got both lol!!


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