I’ve been looking forward to this!

Top view, stripped and sanded
Top view, Tung Oil coat #1
Top view, Tung Oil, coat #2
Top view, Tung Oil coat #3

I had to start with the pictures because this has been the part I have been most looking forward to! Getting the wood coat on! I was so excited to see the dresser come alive! I decided to use Tung Oil rather than a wood stain or wood paint because I liked that its purpose it to highlight the natural wood as opposed to completely changing the colour. The one thing you have to know about Tung Oil though is that it STINKS! And the smell lingers for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys. I applied a new coat of Tung Oil every 24 hours. The directions indicate between 3-5 coats can be applied. With each coat it becomes shinier.

I took a few videos to highlight my process.

Sanding is more work than I anticipated!
Applying the first coat of Tung Oil

This dresser has six drawers and the drawers are each lined with wallpaper. I hate this! So I decided to remove it. Possibly a bad idea based on the effort it takes to remove!

My week has been extremely busy with this learning project partly because I want to apply 5 coats of Tung Oil therefore it requires my attention for 5 consecutive days. I did have to do some research on how to remove wallpaper from the wooden drawers because what I was trying (‘elbow grease’) simply wasn’t working. I sure wish I had looked at this website or watched this YouTube before attempting to remove the wallpaper! I feel silly now!

I still have a few things left to complete:
1. I want to give it two more coats of Tung Oil;
2. It appears it needs a ‘protective’ layer of some sort (this needs further research);
3. The inside of the drawers need more work to clean off the remaining wallpaper;
4. The drawer runners need a “wax” coat to make the slide smoother (this needs further research);
5. I need to buy 16 drawer handles.

I am excited about this project, happy with the progress, and how the dresser is coming together.

5 thoughts on “I’ve been looking forward to this!

  1. Hey Jana!
    Wow that transformation is awesome! I can say I don’t think I’ve heard of Tung Oil before so that is interesting to learn that it becomes shinier with each coat added! I have taken paint off some objects before, although not as big as your dresser and I feel your pain, removing paint is not fun! I like how you have a list of what you have left to do! Have you decided what kind of drawer handles you want to use? Can’t wait to see the end result


  2. Hey Jana,
    I loved this post. The Tung Oil actually reminded me of my construction class in high school. We made tables and then had to add oil to it. I cannot remember what the oil was called, but I remember the smell being awful. It lasted for so long and I had to plug my nose while applying it! Maybe it was also Tung Oil, but not sure. Great post, I really liked the images and videos added. This allowed me to truly go through the experience with you. Thanks for the great post!
    – Ashley


  3. This was an amazing pos. Reading and watching your videos as well seeing the transformation through your picters is incredible. Must of been fun and a lot of work to do this kind of project. Your post reminds me of a time I try to create, or assemble a object for one of my furniture’s I tend to always end up with one bolt/piece that goes somewhere and then my brothers would say “don’t let touch or we might have a missing or left over piece” (giggle). When reading your post under your video I was also wondering what is Tung Oil until I watched your video and seen it makes it shiny. You did an amazing job on your dresser and thank you for sharing!


  4. This post has many great tips and information! I really appreciate the videos because I’ve never restored any furniture, and I have to say that I’m impressed by how hard the task is. I love the gloss and shine after applying the Tung Oil, it looks beautiful. Your posts are so much fun to read and I can’t wait to see the final product!


  5. Hi Jana, wow the transition is coming along nicely and the oil brought out the colour. You chose an awesome project to work on this summer and cannot wait to see the end result.


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