MacKenzie Art Gallery, pre visit

Class: Grade 6                                                                        
Topic: Identity
Subject: Arts Ed.

Pre-lesson prior to students visiting MacKenzie Art Gallery 
Content: Students will collaborate and create a drama (with two short episodes) together with the theme and focus: “What if we were to discover that we had suddenly switched identities with other people or creatures?”, or another appropriate theme/ focus of their own.
Outcomes and Indicators:
Arts Ed. CP6.6 Collaborate on a drama that expresses ideas about identity and how it is influenced (e.g., factors such as pop culture, cultural heritage, peer groups, personal and family interests, gender). Use inquiry in drama to extend understanding about identity and how it is influenced: • Generate questions to guide inquiry in drama (e.g., What if we were to discover that we had suddenly switched identities with other people or creatures?). b. Contribute ideas to the topic, focus, and development of the drama. d. Recognize that dramas, and episodes within dramas, have focus; and help to identify and maintain that focus. j. Describe how the drama conveys ideas about identity, and how the drama might be refined.
ELA CR6.4 View, respond, and demonstrate comprehension of visual and multimedia grade-appropriate texts including traditional and contemporary texts from First Nations, Métis, and other cultures containing special features (e.g., the visual components of magazines, newspapers, websites, comic books, broadcast media, video, and advertising). View for a variety of purposes including to understand and gather information, to form an opinion, and to enjoy and appreciate.
Social Studies RW6.1 Examine and analyze factors that contribute to quality of life, including material and non-material factors. a. Explain the difference between needs and wants.
Prerequisite Learning: None
Lesson Preparation Equipment/Materials Students will each need a paper and a writing utensil (pen or pencil). Advanced Preparation 2 different rooms, or at least two different spaces, for the two groups to work separately from another.
Set: (10 min) Discuss: “What if we were to discover that we had suddenly switched identities with other people or creatures?” How will this make you feel? How will this affect your identity? What contributes to your identity? Needs? Wants? Do material and non-material factors affect quality of life, therefore our identity? Would you want to take on someone/things else’s identity? Will you still be recognized for you? Will the “you” change if your body changes?

Development: (25 min) Number students off into two groups (1,2). Depending on the size of the class three groups may be more appropriate. Each group is to create a five-minute (maximum) drama which consists of two episodes. Once in groups, students collaborate for a topic or focus of their play with the given theme “What if we were to discover that we had suddenly switched identities with other people or creatures?”. Have students anonymously write down their thoughts for possible developments of the drama (this is to ensure every student contributes: some are too shy to vocally contribute). No idea is stupid; students are encouraged to use every idea presented (provided it is appropriate). The presented ideas can be broken into two segments to create the two required episodes or the presented ideas can all be used together, twice, creating the two different episodes. Encourage students to think of their daily needs and wants: how does this affect their quality of life and therefore their identity. Tie this into their drama. Teacher: teach students in their separate groups that for dramas to be effective, they need to have focus. Encourage students to find and stay with their focus. Students prepare their two short episodes for their classmates, staying within their focus.

Closure: (15 min) Groups take turns presenting their drama to the other. Follow the presentations with the questions: 1. How did the drama groups convey ideas about identity? 2. How might the drama be refined to better convey ideas about identity? Explain to the students that in their tour to the Mackenzie Art Gallery next week they are going to see examples of how the artists James Nicholas & Sandra Semchuk work through themes of their own identity using various art mediums.

Extensions: Students may wish to incorporate artifacts, simple costuming, lighting, and/ or sound into their drama.

Adaptive Dimension: Students may prefer smaller, more intimate groups to feel more comfortable. This can easily be accommodated.

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