Learning Project Outline

I am so excited about my learning project. It took me a long time to settle on a project but I am pleased to announce that I am going to learn how to refurbish a very old wood dresser. I was walking down an aisle in Home Depot and a spray can caught my attention because it had a picture of a refurbished dresser on it.

Home Depot inpiration!

I realized I have an old dresser in my basement that we do not use because it is so ugly. Then I remembered my cousin had recently posted on Facebook that she had just refurbished two of her old dressers. So voila! That is what I have decided to do. My husband and I dragged the heavy wood dresser to the garage and I am ready to get into it. The problem is I do not have any idea where to start! We bought a sander but now I think the dresser is actually painted, not stained. I do not know. As my first step, I need to investigate how to remove both stain and paint. I will need to buy the supplies (and hope for some good weather!). This week I plan to remove the stain/ paint. Inside the drawers there is a layer of fabric that also needs to be removed. Learning how to remove the current finishing and completing that work will take up week 1.

Week 2 I anticipate will be a continuation of removing the current finishing from both the dresser and the drawers. I will need to remove the current hardware.

Week 3 I expect I will need to cover any scratches, dints, and damage with wood filler. I have never done this before either so this will take me some time to figure out.

Week 4 I hope to be able to apply a new finish. I do not know if I will use stain or a paint made for furniture.

Week 5 is when I intend to install the new hardware.

2 thoughts on “Learning Project Outline

  1. Hi Jana! I think your learning project is super cool & unique! My mom is actually an interior designer so I’ve helped her to refinish a bunch of furniture pieces in our home. Do you have a picture of this ugly dresser so we can compare it to when you’re finished at the end of the semester? I’m so excited to follow along and see how your project goes!!


  2. Jana, I love hands on dirty work! My sister does a lot with reclaimed wood, making charcuterie boards, tables, and other furniture, it’s such a beautiful way to get creative in a functional way! Can’t wait to see the before and after!!!


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